5 Home Kit You Always Need

Don’t let yourself be surprised by any emergency or sudden unplanned situation that can happen. Be prepared. That means that you should be equipped with essential kits for various situations that can strike out of nowhere.

Emergency survival kit

In emergency situations you often have to stay at home or at the workplace for a while. You should be prepared to be able to look after you and your family or co-workers for at least 4 days. So, assembly and maintain emergency survival kit and keep it somewhere available at all times. This kit should include flashlight with spare batteries, radio (also with spare batteries), sleeping bags, face masks, waterproof and windproof clothes, good outdoor shoes and food and water supplies for, at least, four days. Make sure that you buy alkaline long lasting batteries.

First Aid Kit

First aid kit is a very smart thing to have in case some minor emergencies happen. You can buy first aid kit in various sizes and shapes, or you can make one yourself. If you decide to make it yourself these are the basic stuff that must be included: aspirin, bandages, activated charcoal, safety pins, scissors, cold packs, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, gauze and tape and if you are on some kind of therapy, your first aid kit should also include your medications with the instructions and ICE numbers. Check it regularly.

Car tool kit

Some people don’t keep anything in their car trunks and some of us have in our trunks enough stuff to live in our car for a whole month. You don’t actually need too much stuff in the trunk, but you definitely need something. Imagine that you had a flat tire, so you open your trunk and realize that you don’t even have a car jack or a wrench. To stay on the road and running you should always have a basic set of automotive tools, so you can always repair miner breakdowns instead of paying towing services and mechanics.

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Tool kit

Every home should have at least a basic tool kit. You don’t need anything expensive like sanders or grinders, but simple tool like hammer, screw driver, pliers, wrenches and a tape measure will always come handy. For any simple project in your home these tools will be more than enough.

Sick day kit

Last but not the least is the sick day kit. There is nothing fun about getting sick and being stuck in a bed. So last thing you need in that situation is realizing that you don’t have any supplies. To prevent that, assemble some “easy to cook” foods and cold medicine like aspirin and Sudafed. With this kit you will be able to overcome any minor colds or illnesses.

Getting prepared for unexpected situations may not look like a lot of fun, but when something unexpected happen you will be glad that you are prepared for it. Once you assemble your kits, check them occasionally and remember where you put them.

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