Chimney makes the life in kitchen comfortable and clean

Tall chimneys were essential part of any houses in the ancient days. Even now many such ancient homes are seen in different parts of the world. Chimneys have a great role during Christmas season. According to the belief prevailing all over the world, Saint Nicholas distributes the gifts through chimneys. This belief may be the reason for building tall chimneys during those old days.

Wood logs were the primary thing used on those days to cook food, and these logs created a lot of smoke. Hence, the stove would be kept under the opening of the chimneys to drive the smoke out of the kitchen. However, tall and wide chimneys increased the cost of construction, and, in due course, these chimneys were considered as ugly structures as it would be always stained with smoke and carbon accumulation. When the houses became smarter in look, chimneys became a bad structure, which affected the overall beauty of the house.

Arrival of LPG and the fate of chimneys

Later wood logs had been replaced by the LPG as the major fuel for cooking. Electric stoves had also come in the picture. These modern fuels produced less or no smoke, and, hence, the need of chimneys reduced. Exhaust fans started doing the function of driving out the smoke and the odor from the kitchen. At the same time, the modern house designs were not matching with chimneys. Slowly chimneys became a part of history.

Modern Day Chimneys

However, the chimneys started coming in new forms in the recent past. When people became more beauty conscious and hygienic, they revealed that the exhaust fans are not sufficient inside the kitchen. Modern day designs prefer open kitchen rather than a closed one. Hence, there are all chances to spread the odor of the food to other parts of the house.

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Secondly, when we use more spices and oil to cook the food, it will create a lot of irritation to the nose and eyes. Modern day chimneys are perfect solutions for this problem.

Best kitchen chimneys in India are manufactured with rust proof materials to last long, and, at the same time, these state of the art chimneys will go well with the interior of the kitchen. Heavy duty blowers and fans fixed inside are capable of driving out smoke, smell, etc from the kitchen. Now, there are a lot of manufacturers in India who are manufacturing modern chimneys. Many global brands are also available in India. When the number of products increased, the prices also came down automatically due to hectic competition. Thus, the modern chimneys are affordable by any type of people nowadays.

Modular Kitchen and Chimneys

Modular kitchens have become a common thing nowadays as it helps us to utilize the space more effectively. Most of the people who are engaged in the work of modular kitchen are supplying chimneys also. The practice prevailing in India now is that a single party will take care of the entire requirements of kitchen including modular kitchen and chimneys. Hence, the purchase of chimneys also became easier nowadays in India.

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