Cook-Tops The basic necessities of every kitchen

An essential appliance you can find in any kitchen is a cook top. Despite the introduction of much modern cooking equipment such as microwave ovens, the cook-tops make an integral part of kitchen appliances as they provide you the traditional way of cooking. The cook tops found all over the world are the same. A cook top used by a chef of a five star hotel is not very different from a cook top used in any household.

The cook tops are very convenient to use, easy to clean and maintain and are very affordable in price. If you plan to buy a cook top for your kitchen, then let us take a look at the various types of cook tops available in the market.

Gas cook-tops

The gas cook tops are the most commonly found cook tops in the kitchens, all over the world. The gas cook tops run on LPG, butane or natural gas. You will need either electric ignition or spark lighter to ignite the gas cook tops. The biggest benefit of gas cook tops is that they run on gas and you can use it even when there is no electric power. This makes it an ideal kitchen appliance for the places where there is a prominent problem of power cuts. Additionally, the cost of the gas is very low.

Electric cook-tops

Electric cook tops or induction cook tops are basically devices run on electricity and use the principles of electromagnetic induction for cooking. Unlike the gas stoves, you don’t need any spark lighter or pilot lights to ignite these cook tops. All you need to do is plug it in the electrical supply and start using it. Apart from being convenient to use, the induction cook tops are very safe to use as they do not involve any type of danger of accidents such as gas explosion. The only drawback of the electric cook tops is that they are dependent on the power supply and cannot be used in case of power cut. Also the running cost of the electric cook top is higher than the gas stoves as the cost of electricity is much higher than the gas.

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