Maple Kitchen Cabinets Design

Kitchen cabinet is an integral part of kitchen. While renovating or designing kitchen it is very important to look after the material which is used. People use material according to their choice and affordability. The kitchen cabinets are mostly designed according to the structure, architecture and personal choice. According to interior decoration of kitchen, kitchen cabinets should look stylish as well as natural. Maple kitchen cabinets provide such natural look to your kitchen.

Maple wood is the second most popular kitchen cabinet wood in the world. It is the hardwood found in many natural colors and shades. The unique characteristic of maple wood is it changes color when exposed to light. The texture and appearance of this kitchen cabinet is soft and lavish. This type of wood is well suited for brown color tone. The cabinetry can be polished finely on the maple wood. It is the most affordable type of kitchen cabinet.

The maple kitchen cabinet is found in many varieties like Heritage Honey Maple, Chestnut Maple, Sunset Maple, Ginger Maple and Windsor Maple. Heritage Honey Maple and Windsor Maple cabinets are light shaded, while Chestnut and Sunset Maple are dark colored used for kitchen cabinet decoration. They are available in different styles namely, ivory, natural, and tuscany. One can add the custom paint to maple kitchen cabinet due to very little grain, so it will always complement the color of wall. The price of maple cabinets ranges from $200 to $500 that can compensate your other expenses. The maple kitchen cabinet is inexpensive in comparison with many other types of kitchen cabinets.

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Here are some of the types of maple kitchen cabinets:

  • Glazed Maple Cabinets: The maple cabinets with extra glow are known as ‘Glazed Maple Cabinets’. This is a lustrous wood. This type of maple cabinet is very popular in European countries and has clear coat finish. It is also known as French antique glazed cabinet and has life time warranty and even high durability. These are found in many subtypes such as:
    • Vanilla-glazed
    • White-glazed
    • Coffee glazed
  • Timeless Kitchen Cabinets in Different Panels: These are square shaped maple kitchen cabinets. The cabinets made up of maple also vary in structure. For more sophisticated and modern look cathedral raised panel is used. The cabinets with more elegant and beautiful look are shaker raised panels. Each panel style adds extra charm to the cabinets.
  • Natural Maple Cabinets: The wide range of natural maple cabinets are country maple, shaker maple, North American maple, cream cabinet maple, macchiato maple and cherry maple. The cream cabinet maple is lighter in shade. Honey maple is rich in color.

There are many manufacturers of maple kitchen cabinets. Processing of these cabinets starts from doweling and then it is glued for long lasting life. Then the cabinets are inspected manually and then it is sent for finishing. Your attention goes to maple kitchen cabinets due to its enormous types and styles. The maple kitchen cabinets are popular. They are dent resistant, strong, durable, and give sophisticated look to cabinetry.

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