Pro and Cons Using Metal Kitchen Cabinets Design

Generally, metal kitchen cabinets are made up of stainless steel. The use of metal kitchen cabinets started widely in year 1930 and 1940. These are cost effective and very easy to maintain. These cabinets have cool and industrial look. People prefer to use these cabinets along with stainless steel appliances and kitchen countertops. These are used commercially in restaurants. Stain resistance is a unique feature of metal kitchen cabinet.

The ‘Glass Panel’ is a feature provided by metal cabinet doors. Door handles are made up of chrome or nickel. The crystal kitchen knobs make it look more elegant and appealing. The retro themed kitchens usually have metal kitchen cabinets. The most popular are white and teal colored metal cabinets. Mostly people search for ‘vintage metal cabinets’. This is a good option for the people who are refacing or renovating their kitchen cabinets. The stainless steel material protects the cabinets from rust, stain and corrosion.

The metal cabinets can be combined with various other materials:

  • Glass and Stainless Steel: Glass material adds quite soft look when combined with metal cabinets. Glass insets are with floral or leaf patterns. This combination actually warms up the coolness of metal cabinets. Metal cabinets are attached with touch-to-open latches.
  • Retro Steel Kitchen Cabinets: The retro look is obtained with vintage metal cabinets. These are from fifties. These are durable cabinets painted with variety of colors like pink, yellow, aquamarine.
  • Colorful Hardware: The stainless steel material can perfectly match with colorful drawers and cabinet hardware. The cabinet door handles are in various shades like, red, green yellow or orange.
  • Wood and Stainless Steel: The contrast cabinetry of stainless steel for cabinet doors and wood like walnut, oak or cherry can be used as a base. This together is a great combination. The combination also suits for cabinets below the counter.
  • Steel with a Color Contrast: The steel cabinet with a plain frosted glass panel inset and bright colored wall painting suits and the combination looks really good. Matching wall color and bright colors behind the frosted glass will bring a layered look to your kitchen.
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The metal material is modern and sleek in appearance. This cabinet is very flexible to combine with other materials such as copper molding, brushed nickel and frosted glass.

The most appealing features of metal kitchen cabinets are:

  • Stains and corrosion resistant
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Cost effective
  • Recyclable
  • Easy for cleaning

Every coin has two sides; metal kitchen cabinets also have some disadvantages:

  • Scratches and fingerprints are easily visible on cabinets, thus frequent wiping is required.
  • A metal cabinet door sounds quite noisy.
  • High quality stainless steel is expensive
  • It is very cold material and has to combine with wood or glass to bring warmth in the kitchen.

Attractive finishing techniques are available to cover scratches for metal cabinets. These techniques include steel wool in sweeping motions and using abrasive brush.

One should consider the pros and cons of metal kitchen cabinets before buying. The kitchen cabinets must be purchased from reliable dealer or showroom. It’s important that you should choose the cabinet that suits your kitchen and to your house.

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