Turn on The Kitchen Color with the Colored Kitchen Cabinet

As a homeowner, most of the time you spend indoors is spent in your kitchen. Whether you are preparing food for your family or mixing up cocktails and appetizers for your friends, a kitchen is the central hub of a home, and should be decorated as such. White is one of the most traditional colors for kitchen walls because it is clean, crisp, and refreshing to the eye. If you’re housing a polished white kitchen, spruce it up by adding a pop of color to the cabinetry.

  • Hues of Blues: A noticeable trend in the year 2014 with home kitchen décor is the concept of stylizing your cabinets, particularly with shades of blue. If you are going for bold, use a bright shade, like royal blue, to make a statement. By painting your cabinets a light shade, like powder blue or sky blue, your white walls and granite table tops will be highlighted and create a rich and luxurious kitchen atmosphere.
  • Off-White Delight: Another growing trend in the realm of kitchen décor is neutral colored cabinets. Paint your cabinets taupe, beige, or any shade of grey to give your kitchen a modern, updated look that is trendy and stylish.
  • Mellow Yellow: Add a bit of sunshine to your kitchen by incorporating yellow into your cabinets. Paint your cabinetry yellow and apply a white border and white hardware to them. The clean, crisp lines of white will make your cabinets stand out against any color backdrop, particularly white.
  • Radiant Red: Embrace a contemporary feel with high gloss red cabinets. This look is especially trendy when paired with white marble counter tops. Accompanied with a stainless steel oven, fridge, and dishwasher completes this look and gives your kitchen a contemporary vibe.
  • Organic Olives: The kitchen is where nature is transformed to become culinary artwork. Keep nature in the mix by including organic color schemes in your kitchen cabinetry. Moss, leaf, or olive shades of green, light or dark shades of brown and beige, even bright pops of orange can all add a sense of nature to your kitchen and turn the room into a warm and welcoming venue.
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Welcome your friends and family with any of these kitchen cabinet colors that really cook! It is easy to spruce up the look of a kitchen by adding color to something as simple as cabinetry. For more guidance choosing paint color or painting your cabinets, contact the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Nashua.

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