Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Every house has a door, serving the purpose of safety since ages. Doors are the gate or the entrance to a house. Doors are generally made up of solid materials like wood. Kitchen is the center point in the house and an important section. Cabinet is one of the integral parts in the kitchen where most of the kitchen items are kept. It helps in maintaining things neatly and in an organized way. Most of the kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall or on the floor depending on ones space and desire.

Kitchen Cabinet doors are the focal point in the kitchen. The thing that we first notice in the kitchen is the doors or the front side of the cabinet. Kitchen cabinet doors are found in different material such as metal, wood, glass, etc.

Let us take a look at the different materials used for Kitchen cabinet doors:

  • Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors: It is a durable material and can be used for different style, color, design, etc. Various types of wood can be used like oak, maple, pine, cherry, etc. The cabinet doors can even be made of plywood.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Steel is an imperishable material. It gives a contemporary style in the kitchen. It is available in various sizes and colors; it will be easier for you to match the home décor as well. You can even laminate.
  • Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors: It lets you display the things stored and everyone can see into the cabinet. This saves your time in searching the things from one cabinet to other. It comes in variety of collections like mullion, camed, layered glass, etc.
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Kitchen cabinet doors are also found in sliding style or you can say a hidden door. It has two sliding doors that slide from one end to the other. It gives your kitchen a changed and a new look.

There are two kinds of kitchen cabinet doors – framed and frameless. The different types of framed and frameless cabinet doors are lipped, traditional overlay, tambour, full overlay and insert or flush doors. Depending upon the look, you can select your cabinet doors shapes and styles such as recessed kitchen cabinet doors, raised door, slab door style, panel inserts, and so on. Kitchen cabinet doors give a sophisticated look and make your kitchen different from others.

Though elegant and durable, cabinet doors have to be maintained and you have to be cautious. Use touch-to-open locks for the cabinet doors. The hinges, handles and knobs are important elements. The door hinges are available in the market and you can make a wide range of selection that matches your kitchen cabinet doors decors. Cabinet knobs also come in different style and are available in plastic, glass, metal, etc in the market. You can get them in metals like bronze, nickel, crome, iron, stainless steel, porcelain and titanium. They give a finished look to the doors. Kitchen cabinet doors should be easy to maintain, durable and compliments the kitchen décor.

Kitchen cabinet doors give the overall appearance of the kitchen and show the touch of your taste.

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